Private Instruction

Chris Milillo offers music students a unique and personal private music education experience, combining traditional teaching methods and materials with practical, forward thinking techniques and the latest in music technology. Students benefit from audio and video recording capabilities, which are used for evaluation, self-critique, and also for student recording projects. All lessons are conducted by studio owner, multi-instrumentalist, and full time working musician/educator, Chris Milillo, who has nearly 25 years experience in music education.

Uniquely Interactive Instruction
One thing that sets Chris apart from many music instructors is that he is knowledgeable and proficient on several instruments. Seeing music from several different vantage points has allowed him to develop unique perspectives on teaching and playing music. Chris utilizes all the instruments and resources at his disposal as part of a highly interactive music instruction experience for students.

During lessons, Chris frequently "jams" with students, not only on the instrument they study, but also accompanies them on complementary instruments, giving them invaluable insight to the group dynamic and musical interaction. Many students have indicated that this is one their favorite aspects of studying music with Chris.

Students of any instrument will develop general musicianship and instrumental skills through a balanced program which includes these points of emphasis:
  • Learning Songs: Studying and analyzing the music of our favorite artists is a great and fun way to learn music!
  • Proper Technique: Develop "effortlessness" and prevent bad habits.
  • Music Theory: Learn the basic building blocks of music, such as rhythm, chords, scales, harmony.
  • Ear Training: Develop the ability to learn and play by ear.
  • Improvisation: Stimulate your creative side and learn to confidently "make it up as you go along"!

Additional Courses of Study

  • Rhythm Studies: Gain a complete understanding and mastery of time and rhythm and apply it to any instrument or voice.
  • Music Theory: Learn and master the building blocks of music including chords, scales, harmony, melody and rhythm.¬†
  • Home Recording & Music Technology: Learn to set up and use your home computer, laptop or mobile device to record your own music (additional software and hardware may be required).
  • Live Sound Reinforcement: Learn how to run sound for live performance applications. Understand how the mixing board works, signal flow, microphone techniques, equalization, effects, etc.

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